As our name illustrates we work with the traveler to Iran. Most of the travel companies in the USA that arrange tours to Iran also organize tours to many other countries so Iran is just one country on their list of many options. But for us Iran is our only country we work with so all of our energy, knowledge, passion and expertise is focussed on Iran alone. Everybody who is works with Irantraveler whether Iranian or American has spent years living and traveling in Iran, speaks Persian, and knows every inch of the country. So whether you are interested in Iranian cities, the vast deserts or spectacular mountains, from the Caspian Sea to the Persian Gulf we are here to assist you in getting the most out of your trip to Iran.

Irantraveler update on August 20, 2014: For many reasons Iran has been appearing in the media on a regular basis. Reports from returning travelers to Iran about the country and its incredibly hospitable people are creating a curiosity that is rapidly making Iran one of the world's unique travel destinations. We invite you to visit Iran and learn about Iran by being in Iran yourself. Please call us here in San Francisco at (415) 740-4476 or send us an email at to find out how we can assist you in planning your visit to this fascinating country. You can join one of our groups or if you prefer to travel independently we can assist you in creating a travel program in Iran that will fit your particular interests. If you are a student or teacher you may wish to join one of our special low budget study tours of Iran in late May where you will travel around the country exploring places that are not usually included in organized tours. Call Jerry at (415) 740-4476 or email for trip registration details. Thank you!


April 6 TO April 19, 2015

This tour has been created for the traveler who is interested in Classical Persia as well as the history and cultures of the Silk Road. We'll visit the true classic Iranian cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan and Qom. Classic Iran full of rich history and an enduring culture.

Please contact Jerry Dekker if you are interested in joining this tour.

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Below we invite you to look at a video made by 2 of our Iran Travelers
when they were on our April 2014 trip, Charles & Mary Love from Charlotte, North Carolina.
You can also visit their website at

Tours to Iran Now Being offered by Irantraveler

More and more Americans are becoming interested in Iran and are now considering the possibility of traveling to Iran to learn about Iran from their own travel experience to this fascinating country. At Irantraveler we believe that travel is an important way to build bridges of citizen diplomacy between Iran and the USA. Unfortunately most tours being offered by US based travel agencies to Iran are geared to the high-end American traveler. At Irantraveler our main objective is to create trips to Iran that are affordable to a larger US travel market. Below is a list of trips which we are now offering. We invite you to read through the itineraries and choose the tour that fits your schedule and your budget. In addition to group tours we offer customized trips for individuals and couples. We also assist the traveler in obtaining Iranian visas. Contact us regarding the Iranian visa process. In the meantime call Jerry in San Francisco at (415) 740-4476 to find out what kind of tour he can create especially for you according to your special interests and your travel calendar. Jerry has lived in Iran for several years and has traveled to every corner of the corner and is eager to talk to you about what kind of trip to Iran is best for you. Call us to find out what kind of tour we can create especially for you according to your special interests and your travel calendar.


The word-of-mouth of our travelers is often better than any 'tour description' we can offer. Click here to read more about the first-hand travel experiences of our friends as they traveled with us to Iran.

We take pride in the trust and friendships we've developed as a result of our trips and look forward to sharing the history, the sights, the culture and especially the warm and gracious people of Iran with you.


Irantraveler's Spring Adventure in Iran - April 2015

This tour has been created for the traveler who is interested in Classical Persia as well as the history and cultures of the Silk Road.

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Irantraveler Adventure Tour of Iran - May 2015

Since 1997 we have been organizing student tours to Iran. Students from colleges and universities all over the United States have participated in these tours to Iran. In many cases students have been able to earn college credit from their home college or university. The motivation behind our promoting student travel to Iran is not only to broaden the student's education by providing an in-depth field experience in Iran, but also to encourage student travel to the Islamic Republic of Iran in order to build bridges of citizen diplomacy. By encouraging student travel between Iran and the USA we feel that the students will be able to share their experiences in Iran with their fellow students when they return to the USA and thus contribute to a broader understanding of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its people and their culture.

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Irantraveler's Fall Adventure in Iran - October 2015

This tour has been created for the traveler who is interested in Classical Persia as well as the history and cultures of the Silk Road. We'll visit the true classic Iranian cities of Tehran, Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd, Isfahan, Kashan and Qom. Classic Iran full of rich history and an enduring culture.

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Here is a relevant quote from Paul Theroux's latest book, "The Last Train to Zona Verde", that illustrates the point that we should not be content with just observing the world around us on a computer or TV screen but should instead venture out and experience it first hand.

"If the internet were everything it is cracked up to be, we would all stay home and be brilliantly witty and insightful. Yet with so much contradictory information available, there is more reason to travel than ever before: to look closer, to dig deeper, to sort the authentic from the fake; to verify, to smell, to touch, to taste, to hear, and sometimes--importantly---to suffer the effects of this curiosity."

Some comments From recent travelers to Iran:

"Jerry Dekker’s vast knowledge of and passion for the culture and people of Iran, as well as his enthusiasm for sharing his knowledge and experiences, make him invaluable to anyone curious about Iran and hoping to travel this historic and culturally important country. His very reasonably priced trips take the mystery out of getting travel visas and making arrangements to travel there. Better yet, his clients visit as many or more destinations, and stay at the same top hotels and restaurants, offered by larger companies that charge two to three times as much. Most important, his trips clear up all misconceptions about Iran and leave his clients with a deep appreciation for the graciousness and hospitality of the Iranian people."

Charles & Mary Love
April, 2014

"In short, I urge you to visit Iran with Jerry and his team. The country and its people are amazing and like me, Im sure you'll feel at home right away, and find yourself wondering why you didnt do it earlier. The Iranians are amazingly friendly and welcoming and the sites are second to none. In short, you can trust Jerry to put together a wonderful trip to a wonderful and fantastic country. A full 5 star performance all around. Thanks a million Jerry for making a travel dream come true!"

Sean & Uliana
Moscow, Russia
May 2013

Click here to read a candid interview with Jerry Dekker where he describes the warm, generous people of Iran and the fascinating culture you are invited to discover.

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Discover Iran for Yourself And Experience the Real Iran

We at Iran Traveler are Americans and Iranians who support and help arrange travel between Iran and the USA for US citizens and residents. Our aim is to build bridges of citizen diplomacy between our two countries by promoting American travel to Iran and by inviting Iranians to the USA for travel, cultural and study purposes.

Travel Independently or with a Group

We can arrange individual or group trips to Iran. We work directly with a licensed travel agency in Tehran, Iran who handles our land arrangements in the country. We assist travelers in obtaining travel arrangements to Iran through an American licensed IATA travel agency based in San Francisco, California. For more information about individual travel, student travel and group travel planning to Iran, click here.

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Our Goal

Our goal is to increase the number of Americans going to Iran so that they will learn about Iran from their own experience in Iran by meeting the Iranian people and exploring the wonders of this ancient land. As citizen diplomats, we hope to contribute to creating an atmosphere of trust and friendship based on mutual respect.



- Ron Kennedy, San Diego, CA - April 2012
I recently returned from my first trip to Iran and have to say it was the most amazing place I have ever visited. After having searched many travel companies for tours that would appeal to my interests and also accommodate my schedule, I ran across Jerry’s website, I called Jerry and quickly realized that he was the one person who could help me organize a trip that would work for me. Needless to say, that was best decision I could have made. More